School Committee Meeting June 17th, 2024

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6/17/2024 12:00:00 AM


Call Meeting to Order and Roll Call of Committee Members 00:00:40

Approval of Minutes 00:00:51

June 3, 2024 - Regular, June 3, 2024 - Executive Session

Financial Reports: Warrant Report of Authorized Signer 00:01:23


Financial Reports: FY 24 Quarterly Budget update and End of Year Purchases 00:01:52


Financial Reports: FY25 FREC Bid Award 00:17:53


Financial Reports: Student Activity Accounts - Approve New 2028 Account 00:20:13

Financial Reports: Student Activity Policy Manual - Acceptance 00:21:06

Special Presentations: End-of-Year Technology Report 00:25:43

Technology Director

Special Presentations: End-of-Year Building Reports 00:35:50

Building Principals

Special Presentations: 2024-2025 School Improvement Plans and Family-Student Handbooks 00:41:01

Building Principals

Special Presentations: End-of-Year Student Achievement Data Review 01:55:54

Curriculum Director

Public Comment 02:58:33

Comments are limited to topics relating to the School Committee's areas of responsibility. Speakers must identify themselves by name and address, and will be allowed to speak for up to three {3} minutes. Although the School Committee may hear comments on unanticipated topics, discussion or action on topics not specifically listed on the agenda will be postponed until a future meeting date.

Communications 02:58:57

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent: Personnel Report 02:59:07

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent: FY25 Pay Rates 03:00:23

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent: School Building Projects - Update 03:01:22

Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent: Miscellaneous 03:08:56

(may include district/community announcements, reminders, or updates)

New Business: Fiscal Year 2025 Appointments 03:09:08

a. Subcommittees b. Central Massachusetts Collaborative (CMC) Board of Directors c. Southern Worcester County Education Collaborative (SWCEC) Board of Directors d. Home School Application - Authorized Approver e. District General and Special Education Legal Counsel (x2)

New Business: Fiscal Year 2025 School Committee and Superintendent Operating Protocols 03:12:06

Schedule Summer Workshop 03:12:39

(review of goals/best practices/internal audit)

Reports of Special Committees: Policy 03:14:06

Reports of Special Committees: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging 03:14:29

Reports of Special Committees: Negotiations 03:14:33

Reports of Special Committees: School Buildings & Grounds 03:14:37

Reports of Special Committees: District Accountability & Curriculum 03:16:12

Recommendations or Questions From Individual Committee Members 03:16:18

Final Public Comment 03:18:57

Adjourn 03:19:07

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