Board of Selectmen Meeting March 26th, 2024

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3/26/2024 9:22:59 AM


A) Call to Order 00:00:07

B) Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:27

C) Approval of Minutes dated March 5, 2024 00:01:26

D) Right of First Refusal- 0 Dana Road, 4.79 ac 00:01:56

E) Request by the Oxford Little League to hold an opening day parade on Sunday, April 2l5t, 2024 00:05:58

F) Donation Acceptance- Oxford Fire-EMS 00:06:43

is in receipt of a donation in the amount of $100 from the family of Patricia and Richard Lafontaine to be deposited into the Oxford Fire-EMS Gift Account

G) Request for a One-Day Special Pouring License- St. Roch Church 00:07:26

Submitted by , 334 Main Street, Oxford, MA 01540 for the purpose of holding a Pasta Dinner

H) Request by J. Anthony's, 204-206 Southbridge Road, North Oxford, MA 01537 to move their Special Opening Sunday Hour from the current approved time of 11 :00 a.m. to a new opening hour of 10:00 a.m. 00:07:59

I) Town Manager Evaluation Process 00:11:52

J) Town Manager's Report 00:14:50

(Containing Departmental Updates, Grant Announcements, Community Announcements, Reminders, Public Health Updates, and Appointment Updates - No Votes Will Be Taken)

K) Adjournment 00:33:05

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