Planning Board Meeting March 11th, 2024

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3/11/2024 12:00:00 AM


Call Meeting to Order 00:00:01

Minutes for Review/ Approval 00:00:43

February 12, 2024

Plans Not Requiring Subdivision Approval (ANR) 00:02:05

520 Main Street Parcel of land located at 520 Main Street- Bernard Gauthier, owner; Located at Map 24; Lot CO2.

Submissions: 520 Main Street 00:02:55

Site Plan and Special Permit application submitted by Bernard Gauthier (owner) to allow for the construction of a self-storage facility and to utilize the GB zoning district as the primary zoning for the entire parcel. The proposed project is on property located at 520 Main Street, Oxford, MA in the GB/R-2 Zoning Districts, shown on Assessors Map 24, Parcel CO2. The Board will review the submission and may vote to schedule a public hearing.

Public Hearings: 16 Boulder Park Way 00:17:08

Submitted by Boulder Park Realty LLC to allow for the construction of a contractor office and storage space with associated parking and site work on property located at 16 Boulder Park Way, North Oxford, MA in the Industrial (I) Zoning District owned by the applicant by deeds recorded with the Worcester District Registry of Deeds, Book 58056, Page 362, and shown on Assessors Map 09, Parcel A06.

Right of first refusal -0 Dana Road 00:18:57

Map 25, Parcel B37

Discussion on Forms and Fees 00:26:17

Review and discussion of new proposed forms for Subdivisions, Special Permits, Site Plan Review, and ANR.

Planner's Report 00:34:10

Review of subcommittee meeting held January 13 and February 7, 2024

Adjournment 00:37:49

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